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A woman said a retired doctor who was jailed for nine years today for sexually assaulting her when she was seven or eight years old has wrecked her life.

Ahmed Masood, 71, was a well respected GP and hospital doctor in the Bradford area of West Yorkshire before his recent retirement.

But a jury heard how he subjected a young girl to a series of sexual assaults between 1982 and 1985 which a judge said would have been classified as rapes if they had happened today.

After Masood was led away to prison, his victim said she just wanted him to apologise for what he has done and urged other victims of sexual abuse not to wait 30 years before reporting their experiences.

Masood was convicted of six counts of indecent assault by a jury at Bradford Crown Court last month. Today, at Leeds Crown Court, Judge Christopher Batty sent him to jail for nine years.

The judge told him he would have been looking at a 15 year sentence if the offences had taken place under current legislation.

Judge Batty said Masood had a reputation for being a doctor with great care and skill and said to him: Many, many people cannot believe that you are sat where you are today, not least your wife and your son and his family.

But, he said, the victim had suffered 30 years of trauma and added: I don t think it s any exaggeration to say her life s been ruined.

The judge described how Masood had been sexually attracted to the girl and when she reached the age of seven or eight you were not prepared to keep such urges to yourself .

He said: Instead you sought out opportunities to be alone with her and abuse her.

The judge described how, on one occasion the doctor drove her to his home and stopped on the way to buy her sweets and rent a porn video, which he later made her watch.

He said: You abused the trust of her parents in the most horrific way.

Judge Batty also recalled how the victim sobbed uncontrollably after she told her story to the jury.

He said she had suffered from life changing depression for the past 30 years because of what happened and had even tried to take her own life.

Masood, of Lampards Close, Allerton, Bradford, stood in the dock watched by the victim and her family, wearing a smart dark-grey jacket over a light-grey jumper, grey shirt and patterned tie.

The trial heard how he came to the UK in 1973 from India, where he qualified.

He worked at hospitals in West Yorkshire before setting up a GP practice in Bradford.

After the hearing, the victim, who is now in her 30s, stood next to a family friend who said: She is happy he s got a nine year sentence.

The one thing she would have liked is for him to show some remorse.

She would have liked a sorry from him, if nothing else.

The one thing she feels very strongly about is that any people who suffered this as children, they don t sit for 30 years and keep it to themselves.

It s destroyed the whole family and her life.

Detective Constable Sonia Hutchinson, from West Yorkshire Police, said: The victim was initially reluctant to report Masood s crimes but, with the support of family and friends and our specially trained officers, she finally felt able to do so.

She has lived with this for more than 30 years, and we would like to thank her for the courage she has shown in coming forward.

We hope that the sentence Masood has received today will enable her to move forward with her life.

We also hope it will encourage other victims of sexual abuse, historic or otherwise, to report these offences to our specially trained officers, who will investigate every report sensitively and thoroughly, with the aim of securing a conviction against offenders.

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