Monday, June 3, 2013


In case you guys didn't know, my friend Leigh Bardugo's 2nd book, Siege and Storm, releases tomorrow. I an giddy. GIDDY. I had the good fortune to read it a few months back, but I'm already dying to read it again.

To celebrate the upcoming release, I wanted to make Leigh a little present. You might have seen the Darkling and Mal Roguish covers floating around the internet. I came up with Roguish magazine several years back after I made a fake magazine for zombies. And if zombies can have a magazine, then why not bad boys?

Behold. (Don't tell Mal, but the Darkling's cover still makes me swoon more. Sorry Mal! I still <3 you!)

You might have heard there is a new swoon-worthy character in Siege and Storm. A privateer by the name of Sturmhond. He's bold and charming and extremely handsome, and I may or may not have developed a teensy tiny little crush on him. (No one can hold a candle to my Darkling, however. I WILL JOIN HIS DRUM CIRCLE SOME DAY. MARK MY WORD. AND BY "DRUM CIRCLE" I MEAN HIS BED.) 

So, with that said, the present I made Leigh --- A Sturmhond Roguish cover!

Now, run to the bookstore and camp out until they shelve Siege and Storm and BUY IT IMMEDIATELY. You will love Sturmhond, ladies and gentlemen. 

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