Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Plot Twists In Pictures

In my previous post, I talked about Altered's many plot twists, and how I don't usually write heavily plotted books. Altered is by far the most complex book I've written. Because while A, B and C happens within Book 1's pages, I have to know how E, F and G happened years ago to make the reveal work.

In previous books, I was more comfortable telling the characters' stories rather than anything else. But whoa, is it fun writing a plot heavy book (when I actually know what's going on, that is).

Plot Twists -- In Pictures

Fellow writers, do you like writing plot-heavy books? Do you enjoy twists and turns?


  1. "Lots of conflict and angst" and "oh shit!" for the characters...or for the AUTHOR? ;-)

  2. Ha! Both! Though I think the "oh shit" part is a bit more for the author than the characters. :D

  3. My plots tend to look more like the visual one for Altered, only not on purpose or with the resolution and ending ;)

    Love the look of the new blogger blog! (At first I thought it was your new website.)

  4. Thanks Steph! Sooo much easier to customize over here than it is on LJ. I'm loving it. I just wish the comments were set up more like LJ. But maybe sometime in the future they'll change that!

  5. I do like the way you can comment directly to someone on LJ, but I've gotten used to doing it the other way (my blog is like that too and it's WordPress).


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